About us

At Captains Logistics We are all about quality and safety. Quality, safety and security are the commitments we make to you. They’re our culture and it drives  everything that we do.


We’re all about our mission; which is to find the best way for products, in terms of costs, service, sustainability and safety. We see the route that a product travels between the manufacturer and the point of sale. So, when we organize your supply chain with care and considering all factors involved, we add value, and we eliminate waste. That results in a satisfied customer who is confident that our solutions lead to lower logistic costs per product unit.

We optimize the logistics processes of our customers on 3 levels: 

  1. Combining a network of regional distribution centers and a single depot network for city distribution. 
  2. Combining warehousing and distribution with integrated co-packing within the logistics chain.
  3. We integrate sophisticated error-proofing methods into our quality management systems. Our proficient team carefully documents, measures and maps the best practices from our proven processes. 

We’re also all about focusing on our customers. Locally and internationally, what we do is focused on making your life easier by helping you to establish a lasting and satisfying relationship with your own customers. Call us at 586.221.9019 and learn more about us.

Our customers are satisfied with our solutions for their supply chains and tell us simply, “Thanks for getting it done.”

You’re always first with us.  Whenever you contact us our excellent team immediately works to address your requests.  There’s nothing more important than your requests and concerns. If you need a quote, an update on the status of your order, shipping details, or documentation for your own business’s sake, we will satisfy that request as quickly as possible.

We are all about building a lasting relationship with you, because you know that we’re totally focused on you and your needs. Call us at 586.221.9019 and we can start building that relationship by providing you with the solutions you require for your product. We’ll get it done just the way you want it.

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